What we do?

We are a company specializing in the professional regeneration of dual-mass flywheels for all kinds of cars. Every single element that we repair becomes a fully operable and functional part which comes with a 12-month warranty. At our disposal, we have a professional device for repairing dual-mass flywheels.

We offer our services to customers all over Europe. Apart from the flywheel-regenerating services, we have over 800 dual-mass flywheels available for sale, including new ones, used ones and regenerated ones.

We successfully regenerate dual-mass flywheels in the cars of such brands as: Audi - Bmw - Citroen - Daewoo - Ford - Hyunday - Iveco - Kia - Mercedes - Mazda - Nissan - Opel - Renault - Seat - Skoda - Toyota - Volkswagen - Volvo.

Who we are?

Our company has a fifteen years’ experience in the field of flywheel and clutch repairs. In the beginning, the company’s main activity was repairing clutches in all kinds of cars and trucks, as well as construction machines and other vehicles. Over the years, the company broadened its range of services and then started to specialize in dual-mass flywheels regeneration.